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Rogz Collar - Red Bones

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For the Medium and Larger Collars that may have increased load, The Rogz scientists have devised an innovative method to reduce the load on the plastic buckle through the clever positioning of the welded load ring. This is now commonly referred to in the industry as low load innovation and is implemented on all Beachbum and Armed Response Collars, the larger collars also have a special lock on the catch to prevent unexpected opening.

Spoil your dog with a lead and harness to match his collar and he will certainly stand out in the pack. We urge you to choose carefully and never spoil only one dog in the family- we do not want things to get out of control!

Size Guide:

Size Collar Width Neck Size Suitable Dog Webbing Width
Small 11mm 200-320mm Puppies, Toy Poodles,Chihuahua,etc 11mm
Medium 16mm 260-400mm Beagles, Miniature Poodles,etc 16mm
Large 20mm 340-560mm Dalmation,Spaniel,Collie,etc 20mm
Extra Large 25mm 430-730mm Rottweiler,German Shepherd,Great danes,etc 25mm