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Gor Pets

GOR Hugs Tortoise

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Gor Hugs Tortoise is soft and super cuddly.  Available in two sizes:

Mommy Tortoise (38cm)

Baby Tortoise (20cm)

Dogs will love this toy and will be eager to search for its sound-making squeakers. In addition to the grunter at the centre of the toy's body, Mommy Tortoise has a squeaker at each foot and a squeaker in her head. Rather than using standard grunters on the market, we have developed a one-piece grunter that is more durable and safer. Baby Tortoise has a squeaker in the main body. Any dog will be entertained for hours.

Snuggle time with these soft toys is fun for dogs. However, the toy is not indestructible, so dogs must be supervised at all times when wrestling with it.