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Gor Pets

GOR Hugs Rabbit

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Gor Hugs Rabbit is made for an adventurous dog who is stimulated by sound. Big floppy ears make a lot of crinkle sounds. Available in two sizes:

Mommy Rabbit (38cm)

Baby Rabbit (20cm)

The cuteness of this toy will make any dog love its sound-making abilities. Floppy ears will dangle and crinkle when thrown about. Active dogs will be kept occupied with their natural fun nature fulfilled. Additional one-piece grunter in the body of Mommy Rabbit is providing extra sound effects for fun wanting furry family members. We have used a new one-piece grunter which is more durable and a safer alternative to standard grunters on the market.

Dogs love to snuggle with these softies – please note this toy isn’t indestructible, dogs must be supervised at all times when wrestling with it.