why does my cat sleep by the door

Why Does My Cat Sleep By The Door?

Cats are curious creatures, who by nature, enjoy exploring their surroundings and discovering new things. So how do you address this issue in your cat? Follow these easy tips from My Pet Accessories UK:


Keep it Calm Before Bed

Avoid stimulating your cat. Try playing with your cat close to the bedroom door. Felines love to explore new experiences, and playing with them near their bedrooms make that possible. Cats also have a natural urge to mark their territories. When they see other felines outside the boundaries of their own territory, they want to show that they're not threatened by other cats, so they may meow or growl.


Keep a Clean Environment

Keep the bedroom floor clean. It's natural for your cat to explore its surroundings when it's awake, but you must make sure that the area is kept clean at all times. Observing your cat as he licks his way around the floor is a tell tale sign of what's keeping him busy. If he's not interested in exploring the corners of the room, then he's obviously not interested in sleeping. You'll know that your cat isn't getting a good night's sleep because he'll wake up tired and rub himself dry before he can get back to sleep.


Don't Be Clingy

Give your cat enough space. A cat needs to spend time outside if he's going to take care of himself. If you're trying to find out why does my cat sleep by the door, he's probably been left on the floor or in the garage because you don't have enough space to leave him outside. When he's let out, he needs to go somewhere he can call his own.


Change Your Morning Routine

Some breeds of cats are accustomed to sleeping on their back or in a cat bed all day. Others are accustomed to being free to roam the yard during the day, so changing your morning routine to accommodate your feline friend will benefit him as well as your furniture. This will give your pet more space to roam and he won't feel as restricted as he does when he's cooped up inside.


Sense of Smell

Put on some familiar scent. If you have a male cat who sleeps by the door, try some male scents like a man's cologne or a woman's perfume on the bedroom floor. You can also spray the scent of catnip (even in water) on the bedroom door or the furniture in the room. This will keep your cat from going directly to the bathroom whenever he wants to relieve himself. If he has an accident, it will stop him from going straight to the bathroom and it will also keep him from going straight to his litter box.


Utilise Treats and Rewards

Give him food rewards. Studies show that if you reward your cat with something good whenever he goes to the bathroom, he will associate going to the bathroom with something good and he'll be more likely to use the room for that purpose each time he goes. Giving him food treats as a reward for why does my cat sleep by the door is one effective way of dealing with the problem.


Toilet Training

Teach him to toilet train. Cats have a hard time going potty when they are alone. They also tend to wake up easily and go straight to the bathroom when they feel the urge. Most people will not punish their cats unless they potty train, which means that it is up to you to teach your cat where he can and cannot use the toilet. You can help him master the toilet by holding him over the bowl and calling him over to you when he climbs up to the toilet.



Put some catnip on the bedroom door or the furniture. This will make your cat wants to use the bedroom more often. To do this, you must first get the catnip. You can buy it from a cat store in your area or from a health store. When you spray the catnip, wait about 2 minutes before opening the bedroom door or the furniture door. The cat will smell the catnip-scented product and will want to go to the bedroom.


Final Thoughts

There are some other things you can do to ensure that your cat is more likely to use the bedroom. If you need more catnip, put some outdoors on the grass and forget about it for a few days. If your cat still does not want to use the bedroom, you may want to consider taking the cat to the veterinarian. Some illnesses can cause your cat to not be able to use the bedroom. If you notice any of these problems, get them resolved so that your cat gets as much use as possible from the bedroom.