Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

This is a question that many pet owners ask themselves. The simple answer to this question would be because it's fun, but that doesn't give much insight into how they came about scratching furniture in the first place. The act of scratching originated from their ancestors, who had natural claws. These cats lived in trees and used these sharp nails for climbing up and down quickly.

Cat Behaviour

In modern-day cats, furniture scratching is a genetic trait that has been passed on from earlier generations. Your cat will have learned to scratch your furniture by imitating their parents or other older cats in the household. Scratching is used to remove the old outer layers of claws and keep them sharp – it doesn't matter if your cat scratches couch armrests, your bed leg or the curtains - claws need to be sharp for self-defence. If they are not kept sharp, they can start to grow in different directions and cause discomfort in your cats' movement.

Cats also scratch furniture when they feel threatened by other people in the household, trying to show their dominance. If you have a multi-cat household, they may be trying to increase their territory by marking their furniture.

Cat Scratchers 

If your cat has a history of furniture scratching, you can train them to stop by making appropriate scratch posts available. It is important to note that no matter how hard you try, furniture scratching will not go away overnight.

You may have noticed that some cats seem to prefer certain pieces of furniture over others. You will need to determine which items are the most attractive to them and ideally place a scratching post right beside these. Make sure that the fabric is rough so that it feels natural to scratch it with their claws, rather than your couch cushions!

If you don't have a cat scratcher at home, you can purchase one from our online store.

There are many reasons that cats scratch and it's not necessarily your fault that they do – or even your furniture! It's natural and if you want to prevent them from scratching the expensive sofa then we suggest getting a cat scratcher! They are great for both declawing your cats and giving them an outlet to scratch at.