What Does it Mean When a Kitten Purrs?

What Does it Mean When a Kitten Purrs?

Cats have a much more diverse range of sounds than most other animals, with up to 60 different types - from 'purring' to the classic 'meow'. Each sound means something unique and it's important that you know what they all mean so your cat can communicate its feelings effectively!


Different Sounds Kittens Make

The purr

Cats have been known to purr when they're feeling content, happy or peaceful, but did you know that they can also purr when feeling stressed? A recent study shows how cats use their sounds to calm themselves down. 

Cats often resort back into relaxation by producing louder purring sounds of contentment- which is why you should always oblige with some affection and petting!



"Meow" is a word that kittens use to ask for help or attention. As they grow up, your cat will meow in order convey moods and emotions such as friendliness and fear all the way through to anger and complaints.


The “chirrup” sound

It's not uncommon for your kitten to "chirrup" as a way to say hello to you. Not every kitten can do this – if yours does, you'll notice it really does sound like they are trying to spealk to you.


Importance of communicating with your kitten

In the wild, adult big cats rarely vocalize, using communication primarily to convey information about threats and planning for reproductive efforts. However, by talking to your kitten, you are showing that you understand one of the most fundamental aspects of feline behaviour: that cats are highly attuned to communicating with humans. In fact, studies have shown that kittens learn from their mothers to use vocalizations such as purring as a way to attract attention from humans.

Over time, as you continue to interact with your kitten and engage in conversation, they will learn your voice and respond to it. This demonstrates the remarkable cognitive abilities of cats, as well as their ability to quickly pick up on social cues from other animals and adapt their communication strategies to match their environment. So keep talking to your kitty - they will undoubtedly appreciate all the attention!


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