How to Deal with Aggressive Cat Behaviour

How to Deal with Aggressive Cat Behaviour

How to deal with aggressive cat behavior is a common subject that is asked at My Pet Accessories by cat owners from all walks of life. Owners are wanting to know how to calm an aggressive cat, stop them from chasing things and lashing out. You also need to understand cat behaviour a bit before trying to welcome one into your home. 

The first thing that we learned is that cats are very much like us in that they want love and attention. Most people will see aggressive behaviour in cats as them being naughty but this is not always the case. Of course there are some exceptions but generally aggressive cat behaviour is caused by them feeling threatened or scared.

It goes without saying that cats are not like us in that they do not have a bone in their body! This means that they cannot defend themselves. They rely on us to let them know that they are safe and that things are okay. We have spent centuries giving cats those benefits so it is really up to us to make sure that they stay in that state of mind. If we can do that then they will be around for a lot longer.


Treats and Toys

Cats tend to like a bit of a massage every now and again. This is a natural reaction because they get a fair amount of exercise and spend lots of time outside so why not give them a treat? If you don't feel you can give them a massage safely then buy some cat toys that can help with this. Make sure that your cat knows who is boss at the moment though! You do not want them to attack or harm anyone, it's just a bit of fun!


How you deal with aggressive cat behaviour is similar to how you would teach a dog not to bite or bark at other dogs. You would probably use a small stick or something similar to that. Again make sure that your cat knows who is boss here and don't be tempted to pick him up because he might think he's better than you. He might even think he's stronger than you!


Remind Them Who's in Charge

How to deal with an angry cat really comes down to you making sure that your cat knows who is boss. If he does start to snap then stop what you are doing and take him outside until he calms down a bit. Once he calms down praise him and offer him a treat so he learns that he has done a good job. This is just one way to deal with aggressive cat behavior.


Seek Professional Help

There are many more ways to deal with aggressive cat behaviour and many more techniques to try too. Many professional animal welfare groups run classes on cat behaviour and many vets run them too. Go and see if you can take one of these classes to find out how to deal with your cat behavioural issues. The advantage of these classes is that they give you a crash course in cat behaviour and you can learn a lot from these sessions.


Final Thoughts

The important thing to remember when learning how to deal with aggressive cat behaviour is that if your cat is mis-behaving and you haven't caught him in the act then he has no idea why he is behaving like this. So it's best to catch him in the act so that he can learn why he is behaving as he should. And once he knows why he's being a bit rough, well you can work on his behaviour all by yourself. He will soon love you for it.