How Often Should You Walk Your Dog

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog

We all know that walking our dogs is an important part of their daily (and sometimes nightly!) routine. But how often should we be taking them for a walk? The answer to this question really depends on your individual needs, but the general rule is every day. If you have a small dog or one with special needs, then it might not need as many walks throughout the day - but if you're looking for an average amount of exercise and socialisation, then they should get two to three walks per day!

So, how long should these walks be?

About half of the exercise your dog can get in a day should come from you. The more energy your dog has, the more active it will need to be! As a general rule, you're looking at around 30-45 minutes per walk on average - but if they're very energetic or younger then you might have to double that time! If you have multiple dogs, though, then their walks can be shorter since they'll tire each other out. You'll still want to take them out regularly every few hours so they don't start chewing everything in sight or getting overly destructive.

What to do while walking your dog

Your dog doesn't need as much exercise as a dog would in the wild, but they do still need to run around and get their blood pumping! It's important that we don't just stick them on a leash and let them walk around - we want to interact with them and play games. A great way to bond with your dog is through short training sessions where you can show off how obedient they're getting!

And it's not just about playing: these regular walks will solve so many problems for you and your pet. We all know that dogs carrying too much weight put themselves at risk of serious injury. Dogs who are overweight often have more joint problems and are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, so anything we can do to keep them fit is a bonus!