how fast can a dog run

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Even though all dogs run in different styles and at varying speeds, they are fast runners. If you have tried racing your dog or observed dogs running neck-to-neck, you can confirm how swift they are. The speed of an average dog is majorly reliant on its breed and the composition of its body. Nonetheless, all dogs possess common attributes that equip them with the capacity to run at high speed.

Elements That Make Dogs Likely Fast Runners

1.      Paws

Dog’s paws comprise of nails and pads whose exclusive structure enables them to hasten while running. The nails provide grip while the pads are thick and offer resistance on most surfaces. It is advisable to occasionally trim their nails if they enjoy running fast. This is because, the nails are prone to breaking, resulting in bleeding and soreness.

2.      Legs

Without considering other factors, the length of the dog’s legs determines the distance covered within a particular duration. A dog with longer limbs is faster because it has longer strides compared to dogs with shorter limbs. However, the dog with longer limbs also requires more power when getting in contact with the ground when running, for it to still be more agile.

3.      Aerodynamic structure

The body of a dog appears streamlined, therefore making it more suitable to penetrate through the air when running. For easy opposition against air, most of the fastest dogs have small heads, lean bodies, and long limbs.

4.      Gallop

Dogs have an air-born element, whereby they are suspended in the air after the four limbs are lifted above the ground. This involves two suspensions. In the first one, the front limbs are stretched forward while the back limbs stretch towards the rear. In the second suspension, the back limbs move ahead of the front limbs and are just below the shoulders.

5.      Tail

The tail may appear unnecessary but it is a body part that enhances a dog’s balance. As a dog runs fast and requires to move in a different direction, the tail prevents it from falling over. In a dog’s motion, the tail serves as a counterforce that keeps it on the right course.

How Quick Is a Regular Dog?

Even with the similar elements that apply to all dogs, the standard speed of a typical dog is between 15 and 20 miles per hour. This speed applies to short stretches. This speed is easily achievable even for a house dog that is unexposed to any kind of training. Also, this speed is independent of the breed or conditioning.

For longer stretches, the standard speed is between 20 and 30 miles per hour. Even so, some breeds have a slower speed than the regular momentum while others can achieve higher speed. The highest speed ranges between 30 and 45 miles per hour. Nevertheless, factors such as the health status of the dog or the age can influence fluctuations in the speed.
Here are the 10 fastest dog breeds throughout the world.

Is Running Fast Healthy for Dogs?

Running is the most common form of physical exercise for dogs. A reasonable amount of running is therefore very healthy for dogs and keeps them both active and fit. Some dogs may get hurt by too much running or any other type of physical activity. On the other hand, some breeds are athletic and can keep up with half an hour of consistently running fast. The appropriate amount of exercise is determined by the dog's breed, age, and physical status. 

Tasks like hunting require dogs that can run at high speed. That is why there were dogs that were individually bred for such roles in the past. Nowadays, the speed of dogs may be difficult to determine. This is owed to the popularity of having dogs as pets, such that they are rarely exposed to an environment where they need to run. If your dog would get a chance to run at its highest speed, perhaps it would be so fast that you would be startled.